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Shawn Michael McQuilkin

Temptations Canada Happy Valentine's Day! Share the Temptations love today by giving your kitty an extra treat!

Darlene Charbonneau Waiting for my valentine

Darlene Charbonneau Tired of waiting for my valentine

Roxie Young Roxie. We already had 2 other cats, Bud and Smudge. I went to drop of some things at the Humane Society and came home with a little grey kitten. I'm now "forbidden" to go inside the Humane Society! LOL

Ace XS I was caregiver to Fuzzy the feral cat for 14 months before we decided to bring him inside with our other 3. He's adapting beautifully for only being inside for 2 weeks.. right at home in the rec room

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Cats will do anything for the great taste of TEMPTATIONS® treats!